News: Rigging a Fiddler Crab

Rigging a Fiddler Crab

Fiddler crabs are great bait for many Florida fish but most widely used to catch sheepshead. A small hook is needed when using these small crabs as bait, a size 1 - 1/0 is best for this.

Step 1 Insert hook

Rigging a Fiddler CrabInsert the hook behind the rear legs and push the hook through where it exits the center of the shell in the back of the crab. Take your time while doing this to make sure the shell doesn't bust or crack anymore than what is necessary.


  • You can also use a jighead when doing this if necessary
  • Don't be afraid of the impressive looking claw, these claws do not have much strength (not even enough to break the skin)
  • Fiddler crabs are used mostly to catch black drum and sheepshead throughout Florida but a variety of other species will eat them.
  • If weight is needed and you do not want to use a jighead, a splitshot  6-8" up on your leader works very well.

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