News: Rig A Live Shrimp With A Jighead

Rig A Live Shrimp With A Jighead

A live shrimp and a jighead can be deadly on many Florida inshore species when used in the right situation. These rigs are used when strong current is present or when wanting to fish a live shrimp like an artificial lure by bouncing it along the bottom.

Step 1

Rig A Live Shrimp With A Jighead

Remove the tail and insert the hook in the body of the shrimp. Keep the hook centered through the body of the shrimp as the hook is threaded all the way on.

Step 2

Rig A Live Shrimp With A Jighead

This is what it should look like when complete.


  • This rig is used in Florida to catch snook, redfish, trout and many other inshore species.
  • If you are wanting to fish this rig like an artificial just give small twitches of the rod while keeping a slow retrieve.

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